Learning Style

Keeping in mind that no two children share the same IQ or assimilation and retention capacity, the teachers at Manas Sthali give in their extra time and attention to students who may experience a problem in keeping pace with normal classroom teaching. Remedial Classes are held and extra coaching is provided to such learners regularly.

The only aim of our dedicated staff is to support the learners in every imaginable way and give them wings not just to dream but to fly as well. After all, the foundations of a solid career are laid early and in no uncertain terms.

Supervised Study Hours

After the rigorous academic and sports regimen (on weekdays), evenings are set aside for the student to take stock of what he/she has learnt for the day, complete the assignments and revise for evaluations that take place continuously. The students get down to the business of studying under the observant and attentive eye of teachers from Mon-Friday evening’s before dinner for two hours which we call Supervised Self-Study.