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School Emblem

The School EMBLEM draws its inspiration from the five elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether of which this Universe and also our body is made.

  • In our body these five elements come from cereals, vegetables, fruits, leaves and ether. This food is bodybuilding material and not energy giving. This basic concept if experienced shall make the body immune to disease, fatigue and ageing.
  • The Hills and the Earth give vegetation. Trees give fruits, rivers-water and sun-heat, light, etc-unselfishly and consistently. This principle if applied and experienced shall flood the Mind with unlimited prosperity.
  • The Sunlight denotes Gyan, which if experienced by stoppage of mind through Meditation- then God as all in all shall be realized, making Intellect entirely fearless.
  • The Illumined Lamp denotes ‘Vivek’ [Wisdom] for proper decision making without fear and favor.
  • The Divine Hand assures the emergence of the above illumination.

The School Motto

Awake, Arise and receive Knowledge from enlightened ones. This inspiration charges us to prove worthy recipients of the enlightenment.